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I'm always surprised more people don't know this about CSS backgrounds

Maybe it's because I like playing around with these things, but it always amazes me how few people know that you can set multiple backgrounds on something, and there are some good use cases for it as well!

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Sass and BEM ftw

The parent selector in Sass is amazing. I love Sass for a lot of reasons, but this is a really big one (there are many other reasons I love Sass too, which is why I made a course on it).

In Sass, you can use nesting, which is when you nest a selector inside another selector. It's powerful, though it can lead to some messy code if you aren't careful. One really cool thing with nesting though, is if you combine it with the parent selector, it becomes really powerful.

To create a parent selector, you just have to use the ampersand character (&).

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