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A lot of people ask me what they should learn next. That's a really hard question for me to answer because there are so many variables at play, but, I can suggest some awesome resources!

Some of the below resources are free, some are paid. If it's free, I make sure to mention it in my short description. Pretty much everything is a course though (save for the other YT channels I link to later on) because I do think that a *good* course is really the fastest way to level up a specific skill.

Some of the links below are affiliates, but they're only for things that I really do think are valuable. I won't recommend something if I don't think it's 100% worth it. You don't pay any more by using them, and it helps support my channel.

Table of contents

CSS Resources

You might see me as the CSS guy, but there are a lot of other amazing CSS resources out there.

A fantastic site by Stephanie Eckles, with articles covering modern CSS solutions to old CSS problems.


Yet another entry here for Stephanie, with "minimal snippets for modern CSS layouts and components".

CSS Grid is the best, but with so much going on with it, it can seem overwhelming. This free course by Wes Bos is an awesome way to take a dive into it, going over it in detail, comparing it to flexbox, and looking at a few layouts that you can make with it as well.

Vanilla JavaScript

I don't have a lot of JavaScript content. I like to focus on CSS. It's my jam, and also JavaScript is hard 😅. Below are a few vanilla JS courses that I think could really help you out.

Beginner JavaScript

By Wes Bos, this is a fantastic course for getting started with JavaScript. From the absolute basics to building out things like a Recipe Search, Face Detection, Audio Visualizations and more, it's not just about learning JS, but putting it into actual projects.

Learn JavaScript

By Zell Liew, this is a monster of a course. Entirely text based, it goes from the very basics to building out 20 different components. It also dives into Object-Oriented programming, accessibility, and progressive Enhancements. This is a premium course that's only open a few times a year.

JavaScript Simplified

This course is by Kyle, of Web Dev Simplified. It includes a beginner course and advanced course, plus the option to opt in and also get 6 bonus projects to practice your skills on. If you don't know Kyle, he has a ton of free content on his YouTube channel you could start with to see if you like this style.

JS Roadmap

Also by Zell, this is a free email drip course for those of you who are having trouble figuring out JavaScript. It helps you think about it and approach JS in a way that will help you start seeing some results in your learning.


Another one by Wes Bos, this is a free 30 day challenge for you to step up your JavaScript game. Build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials.

Vanilla JS Projects

15 self-paced projects to help you up your JavaScript game, by Chris Ferdinandi. Each project comes with short lessons, and you can try to tackle it on your own, or code along with Chris to complete them.

20 Web Projects with Vanilla JavaScript

This course by Brad Traversy is another set of projects to help you reinforce your skills and push things a little more. It's not about getting you started with JS, but instead some fun projects to help you step up your skills.

JavaScript frameworks & libraries

I'll always encourage people to learn vanilla JS before they dive into the frameworks and libraries, such as React, Vue, Svelt, and the many, many others that are out there. At one point though, you'll want to learn at least one of them, and these are some awesome sources to do just that.

React for beginners

Another one by Wes Bos (notice a trend here? He's pretty awesome), this is an awesome place to start your journey into React. This course is all centered on building out a single app that teaches you what you need to know to get started with React, from understanding React Components, maintaining state, working with Firebase, deploying your React app and more.

Learn React Today

This course by Kyle of Web Dev Simplified is all about teaching you React without wasting your time. If you don't already know Kyle from his YouTube channel, he's all about simplifying things and getting you comfortable with writing React on your own.


A lot of great hosts out there these days, but that makes it hard to recommend any. It really depends on your needs, but for static sites like this one, I'm all for Netlify. I've been using them to host my own site here for years now and couldn't be happier. Oh, and it's completely free.

Other stuff

This section is for the stuff that doesn't really fit into other categories


Polypane is a browser for developers. It makes responsive design so much easier, includes awesome accessibility checks and test, and so many other tools that just make your life as a dev easier.