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Welcome to the blog

A new site, and a brand spanking new blog to go along with it! I'm pretty excited about this!

What to expect

This blog is the natural progression of my existing newsletter, so if you're a subscriber already, it'll seem very familiar, just better! For those of you who weren't subscribers, I've been exploring a lot of lesser known and misunderstood CSS properties, as well as some general CSS tips and tricks. I've converted a handful of them, so there are some older posts you can go explore right now if you'd like!

The reason I wanted to turn this into a blog, instead of only a newsletter, is because I wanted to:

One of the biggest issues with the newsletter was it was hard to show the results of what I was doing. I'd create a codepen, and then take screenshots of everything and then have to add the images in. Now I can just embed the damn codepen and you guys can see it in action and play with the code!

First up: Documenting making this site

I'm not doing anything particularly fancy with this site, but I'm doing some fun things with it none the less, as I've played around with CSS grid, and more than anything, CSS Custom Properties. It's been a bit of a long process, so for the start of this blog I thought it'd be fun to share some of the things I've learned.

In the spirit of my newsletter I'm going to be keeping things short and sweet though, so it's not a full, 100% documentation of everything I did to create it. Instead, it'll be a quick hits of how I got from a blank canvas to here, skipping out on the boring stuff. At least that's the plan anyway, sometimes I drag things out!

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