from beginner to real world

Sass has become an essential language to learn for front-end developers. It helps you write code faster, pull off things that sometimes seem like magic, and it’s also a part of many modern workflows.

This course is going to teach you how to use Sass, how to integrate it into your workflow and push you with challenges, helping you become a better front-end developer.

More than just Sass

This course also dives into intermediate and advanced level CSS. Sass is, at the end of the day, a fancy way to write CSS after all. So how could we learn Sass really well if we don’t also get into some higher level CSS stuff along the way?

We’ll look at putting together a full, multi-page website, where I’ll examine file structure and general workflow concepts, as well as get into class naming conventions for our CSS, and more, along the way.

This course isn’t just about learning how to use Sass, it’s about learning how to be a better front-end developer.

The lessons in Learn Sass made my workflow so much simpler. I am not just learning theory, I am learning practical things I can use now.

Adrian Simpson

Front-end dev

You aren’t on your own either

When you purchase Sass - from beginner to real world you also get access to private a channel in my community where you can ask questions and get help on any Sass related issues you might be having!

The community isn’t just focused on Sass either. It’s full of other front-end developers who are looking at being great at what they do, and is a great place to hang out, bounce ideas, show off your work and network with other devs.

Learning through doing

It’s one thing to learn through reading or watching, it’s another to learn through doing. Throughout the course, you are issued challenges.

My challenges take what I cover in my lessons but have you apply them in a different situation, helping reinforce your learning.

Not only are there challenges, but we also build out actual components, such as a pricing table and e-commerce card, showing you how we can use Sass on actual projects.

I would recommend this course to anyone who has a good basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and is ready for the next level.

The content is broken up into small bits that made even the complicated content digestible, and the challenges allowed me to test myself and helped ensure I was learning everything as I progressed through the course.

Lee Hopper

Front-end dev

Two versions

When I first started working on this Sass course, it wasn’t going to be so big. But I kept adding to it and adding to it. Then I realized that it got really big, so I’ve decided to make 2 versions: Sass Essentials Edition and the Master Sass Edition.

Both versions start with the very basics of Sass and work their way through nesting, variables, operators, extends, mixins, and imports.

The Sass Essentials Edition stops there. It’s enough to get your started with Sass and get you using the most common day to day features of it.

These are the things that I use most often and are the ones which really got me hooked on Sass. While it might just be the basics of Sass, it’ll still make a big change in the way you write code.

But if that’s not enough for you, there is the full course.

The Master Sass Edition goes into lists and maps, interpolation, creating your own functions and more. It’s a deep dive into Sass, going from the pure basics to it’s advanced functionality.

While in the basic edition of the course we look at an e-commerce card and a pricing table, the full course covers that, but also adds two full sites using the advanced Sass covered in the course, as well as modern CSS with flexbox and CSS Grid.

Kevin's course is much more than just Sass, it's a dive into the modern web development process, a great reference for good practices, and an awesome way to learn advanced CSS.

Perfectly paced with a masterful balance of theory and real-wold applications and challenges, by the end of it you'll feel confident on coding anything the designers throw at you.

Facundo Corradini

Front-end dev


Below is an easy to reference comparison table between the two, and if you’d like more detail on either one, you can see the full sales page of the Sass Essentials edition by clicking here, and the full sales page the of the Master Sass edition by clicking here.

  Sass Essentials Master Sass
What is Sass, and how to set it up and start using it
Output style options
Source maps
Sass vs SCSS
CSS vs Sass comments
Mixin Basics
Intro to Sass functions
Building an e-commerce card with Sass
Building a pricing table with Sass
Partials and file organization
Sass lists
Intermediate mixins
control directives (@for, @each, @if, @else)
Creating custom Sass functions
Warnings and Errors
Sass maps
Building a 1-page chef site with Sass
Building a 5-page travel blog with Sass (coming June 2019)
Challenges for you to complete throughout the lessons
  51 videos, over 3.5 hours of lessons for $45 over 150 videos* and 10 hours of lessons for $120

* You may notice on the actual page it says 137 videos. I'm still finishing up the 5-page site, it'll push it well past 150 once it's uploaded! The course will be updated with that course in June, 2019

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